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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Spider Hate

Spiders are evil
They're creepy and will not die
I hate them

I've written about spiders before. My post titled "Tarantula" is one of my most viewed. This year around the outside of my house seems especially infested with the ghastly creatures. In fact, I've run out of bug spray--I must get more because nothing else gets rid of them! I tried shower & tub cleaner, window cleaner & disinfectant spray. They curl up, drop to the ground & the next day there they are with a new, more spectacular web than the one I destroyed the day before. Earlier in the summer it was small neon green ones who are very clever in their web building. They spin layered ones and sit in between the layers watching for their prey and laughing at me as I try to kill them with my ineffective sprays. Now there are orange and black tiger striped fat bodied short legged ones who are growing bigger daily. They also are unaffected by my cleaners. They build huge one layered webs places where I want to walk or sit--across the deck ramp, across the patio chairs, from a tree to the driver's door on my van, and from the bushes to my daughter's car. One day I was sitting on the deck with Hillary, just enjoying the lovely summer weather while reading a book when I looked over at her and one of those evil creatures was busily spinning a web between her wheelchair and the house! Not cool! Thank goodness I keep an old broom handy on the deck so I could get rid of it!  It's also terrifying when I'm outside relaxing, notice movement out of the corner of my eye, turn my head and see one of those vile things in the middle of it's gossamer trap undulating in the breeze not 5 feet away from me! It's bad enough when I look at my yard in the morning and see it's dotted with doilyesque patches highlighted by a heavy dew and realize the monsters were busy overnight decorating things. Even now, as I sit here on the deck typing this I see those silken threads caught by the sunlight stretching between the hydrangea and one of our cars. And don't even get me started on webs inside my van! That is s story for another day.

This is a picture of a spinner I enjoy while on my deck. It's nicer than a picture of a spider.

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Anonymous said...

I love your SPINNER. It is much nicer than a SPIDER. I really hate spiders! I sure hope you can get rid of them.