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Thursday, October 31, 2013

There's Always Laundry

         You know there’s truth in that title.  I can spend an entire day doing laundry and at the end of the day there’s not an empty hamper in the house.  I know I’m not alone, it’s a common subject around the lunch table, and goes without saying when you ask someone what they did on the weekend: laundry.  We try to find ways to cut down on it, wear your pants 2 days in a row, going out for the evening?  How long did you really wear that shirt?  A few hours? Heck, just hang it back in the closet as long as nothing was spilled and you weren’t perspiring!  Just think of all the extra time we’d have if we didn’t have as much laundry to do!  One day as I was loading the washer for the umpteenth time I began to think that perhaps being a nudist would be a great way to gain some extra time for enjoyable things such as book reading or a hobby.  As I considered that I soon saw a flaw in the plan.  Nudists surely have laundry too.  No, really, think about it.  Wouldn’t they want slip covers on all their furniture?  What if you had fellow nudists over for a party?  You’re not going to be standing all the time, I’d want fabric slipcovers on everything; all those naked butts on the couch?  Yuck!  I’d have to constantly be washing all those slip covers.  Even if say you gave everyone a towel to sit on, or some type of fabric mat they’d still need to be washed.  You could ask everyone to bring their own, but you know how it is—there’s always someone who would forget.  So, I guess I’ll forget the whole nudist idea and keep looking for sales on detergent and softener and try approaching the laundry as a hobby.  Sure, and maybe join Pintrest and post creative pictures of the baskets of laundry, I could even start a laundry as a hobby club!  We could do a tour of Laundromats; make a list of the ones with the best snacks in their vending machines or best proximity to food establishments!  Boy, this is going to be great—oh wait, got to go, the dryer just stopped.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Love your creative thoughts! I would actually join your laundry club. :-)