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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday’s Thoughts

         We’re having some lovely late summer weather, blue skies, gentle breezes, cold nights, warm sunny days in the 70’s; just perfect!  When the afternoon begins to wind down and the sun is slanting, deepening the shadows by dinner time I’d like to go sit outside and watch the day go to sleep while sipping some spiced cider or mulled wine.  Oh how I would love to be that person!  Alas, that is not how my days end.  I am, instead, inside my house.  Feeding and bathing Hillary, making dinner, packing lunches for the next day and taking care of the dishes.  Such is my lot in life, right now anyway.  One day before the days are too short and too cold I’m going to be that person.  I’m going to just treat myself and put everything on hold or get someone else to do some of it so I can try that person on for size.  It’s nice once in a while to step into different shoes for a bit and see how they fit.

         I’ve been making mental notes about things that need to be done outside and the first thing on the list is remove the hanging baskets as the flowers have died and it’s beginning to look like nobody lives here from the street.  The flowers came back nicely the end of July once the hottest weather broke.  The potted vegetable plants didn’t produce this year, but they were still nice to look at and as long as they are alive there is hope that something will appear.  The flower garden we tried to plant along the driveway was overtaken by some aggressive weeds.  We may need to think about some landscape fabric or perhaps newspapers under the mulch next spring.

         We gave Hillary a very nice 21st birthday party at a local restaurant.  We bought Mylar balloons and tied them in twos using plastic bead necklaces as weights.  Those balloons are so festive and Hillary loves them.  Now they’re home with us and when the air stirs and they knock together it sounds like someone is walking through the house—kind of creepy when I’m here alone.  Perhaps I’ve watched too many crime dramas.

         That’s probably enough thinking for a Tuesday evening.  After all, I’m still trying to recover from Monday.  Nothing special happened Monday, it was just Monday.

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