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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fast Week

Where did last week go?  Seems like I really should have had time to write a post, but obviously I didn’t!  Time just seems to keep on going by faster and faster, and I can barely think what all I did last week besides work and keep things going around here.  I know I went to writers group on Wednesday because I did the writing exercise a half hour before I had to be at the library—and I call my daughter “Last Minute Lucy” because she tends to leave homework assignments until the last minute!  I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as the saying goes.  Hmmm, let me think what else kept me going in circles.  I had some dental work done one day after work, (made less unpleasant by the humorous hygienist and dreamy dentist), I seem to remember a trip or two to the store on the way home from work, and some laundry being washed, dried and folded.  There was lunch out with my daughter squeezed in one day between work and Hillary’s bus.  Oh, and let’s not forget going out for an early dinner with my husband Friday.  Well, and there we are at the weekend already and Saturday went quickly because, well, for one thing every Saturday goes fast, and I began fighting vertigo so took it fairly easy, took a nap, read a book, did a few necessary things around the house, and watched some TV. Today I continued the fight with the vertigo (I seem to be winning!) and enjoyed some time outside in the strengthening April sun hanging up wind chimes and sipping hot cider on the patio with my husband and daughters.  The breeze was kind of cold, but it was just too irresistibly sunny and blue skied to stay indoors all day.  We dreamed aloud of the coming spring and summer’s activities with the sound of the wind chimes for a soundtrack while we munched on some doughnuts.  Homemade macaroni cheese and sautéed cauliflower ended our Sunday afternoon, and now it’s time to get back into the work week mindset!  As the song says, “Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ into the future………”


Kathi said...

It's always interesting to recap a week and see just how much you did... how much life you lived... even if it's just "normal" stuff. It all sounds wonderful to me! Especially the hot cider, sautéed cauliflower, homemade mac and cheese and doughnuts!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kathi! I would love to have been there with you guys.