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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Great Consequence

You will do things of great consequence.

Those words, as far as I can remember, were never spoken to me.  For some reason today they popped into my head.  Hillary has been fighting off an upper respiratory infection, so I've had to keep her home from school and take a few days off myself.  I'm not glad she's sick, what mother would be glad their child is sick?  But I'm enjoying the days at home with the freedom to do pretty much what I want in between caring for her.  It gives my mind time to wander a bit more without being pulled back to the here and now as quickly.  As I meander down the paths of my thoughts I come upon things that I have done that seem fairly inconsequential to the world.  Yet, I don't believe they are.  Mostly what I do as I traverse the Land of Sue is nothing worthy of note.  At work, I sing any scrap of song that pops into my head, and make witty (at least to me) observations about what's going on at any given moment. I try to be kind to my coworkers and the students we serve because perhaps the only bright spot of their day is lunch, and lunch should not be a stressful event. I end most days on Facebook with a silly rhyme to amuse myself.  Doesn't seem like much to me,  just trying to get through the day the best way that I can.  I advocate for my Princess Hillary so that her way through the world will be smoother, and try to be a source of support and refuge to Miss Anna and Bruce.  Something they can count on when they come home is the offer of a snack or meal, a comfy place to sit and relax and some quiet--a refuge from the world after a day at work.  Nothing of great importance.  But really, isn't it?  What if my silliness at work makes a co-worker's day less stressful, allowing her to then deal easier with family issues?  What if one of those students to whom I have shown the smallest kindness of wishing them a pleasant day feels just a little better about themselves?  Suppose Hillary causes someone to think of something about life they never would have without seeing how someone with no speech, or walking skills can be included in life in a meaningful way? What if my nonsensical rhyme changes some one's mood? What if the knowledge that they have a safe place to land at the end of the day allows my daughter and husband to do their jobs just a little better, and show kindness to coworkers and customers?  We don't know what the ripple effects of our everyday lives might be.

 So I say, to everyone, you will do things of great consequence.

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Kathi said...

A lifetime of "simple things" that show love and caring amount to enormous benefits for those we come in contact with. They are the things that make a difference. You're making a difference in the lives of those around you in your little spot of the world... your realm of influence. :-) And that's huge.