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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Princess' Wings

One of the realities we live with as the family of an "Aicardi Princess" is that at any time she might be called Home with God. The recent passing of Katelyn is a reminder that we have Hillary for as long as God wants us to, and not a second more. I humbly offer the following poem in honor of "KK" and all the Princesses who have become Angels.

A Princess got her wings last night,

She traded in her crown,

God needed her in His angel court,

Where only love is found,

Free from the twisted body,

No more the weakened lungs,

She now can run so freely,

In God’s playground up above,

We all will miss her sweetness,

None so much as family,

She bound us all together,

With strong bonds no one could see,

God sent her here to teach us,

Though it was she we tried to teach,

Her patience was a testament,

To how hard we are to reach,

In caring for her Earthly needs,

All who knew her saw her strife,

And while trying to relieve her pain,

Gave her a beautiful life.

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