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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well, readers, here is a bit of silliness that came from a writing prompt given at the writers group I go to. A potential new member stopped by one time and just LOVED this poem. She never came back, but asked me to read it several times, asked for a copy, and asked me to write my name on it. Hope you enjoy it as well.

I was on the shelf then
You took me home
Choosing me for my cover.
I was blank inside but
As we went along
You filled me up with
Adventures of all kinds.
We went trhough it all
I gave you shade,
Shelter from rain,
Helped you communicate.
I gave you answers and
Held your secrets.
Now I'm full
We've reached the end of
Our time together.
Now I'm
Packed away
Until one day
You find me again
And read on my pages
The person you were
That school year.

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