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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The mortgage is due, the car payment too
Dinner time’s coming my family is running
No money for fast food but they will be hungry.
What will I make them?
Open the cupboard, the freezer, the fridge
What do I find there? Not much to see
But I start grabbing things to make
Dinner for three. A handful of this thing,
A cup full of that, smidgens and dashes,
Pinches and shakes, pour some of this in,
Simmer or bake. Looks pretty good now,
Here comes my family.Hungry as bears they sit at the table
Sniffing and smiling anticipating the meal
That is coming. Sure hope they’re hungry enough
To just shut up and eat it. The food’s on their plates now,
Forks flying, they stare at the cook in pure wonder
Because of what’s there.
My husband says
“ Dear, this is really a treat. What is this new recipeWe sit here and eat?”
Like a deer in the headlights
I’m staring at them as they wait for my answer
I say, “A-hem, Don’t ask me what’s in it,
I’m glad that it’s good, just shut up and eat it
And be glad we have food.”
They’re clamoring, cajoling
For the recipe’s name or a list of ingredients,
And then I exclaim,
“If you must have a name
For this dish that I made, it’s called ‘SHUT UP AND EAT IT’ !”
My new claim to fame.

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