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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where Are the Paper Bags?

In search of the elusive paper bag. Just can't seem to get them any more at my local supermarket. We have to ask for them, and most of the time they say they don't have any. What is up with that? I use them to recycle the newspapers. Can't recycle newspapers in plastic bags! Don't need more of the plastic bags, anyway. No place to recycle them any more around here, except to use them as small garbage bags, which I do, or take them back to the store on shopping days. I have some of the "green" bags that I either bought or got as a giveaway at some event, and I do use them, but ...I really need some paper bags! I saw a cashier with one today when I was using the self check lane. I left my stuff and went to the spot he got it from, but there weren't any there. My question is what happened to them? Is there a secret compartment, or can only employees see them? And why can't we have them? I would have pursued this further, but I didn't want someone else to take my stuff that I just paid for, and I was on a time limit because I had to make sure I was home in time to get Hillary off the bus. Perhaps there is some secret code word that one has to know in order to get the paper bags. But how can I find out the secred code word? Where do we get it? It sure is a well kept secret! I remember when all there was available was paper bags, even at department stores. I prefer the sound of a crisp paper bag to the slippery rustle of a plastic bag. Paper bag, paper bag, where for art thou, paper bag? Perhaps they will do a story on the disappearing paper bag on the news one day. They should put a reporter on the case, and get to the bottom of it because surely I am not the only one who would prefer a paper bag.

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